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On this page you will find resources that will be useful in your classroom and will complement and support your daily curriculum.


Aquí encontrará recursos para utilizar en el salón de clases que servirán de complemento y apoyo en el desarrollo del currículum escolar.


請留意我們的網址來取得能讓您和孩子的 閱讀方式變得容易和充滿樂趣的工具,資源,和視頻等等。 你還可以找到關於發展里程碑和對兒童 歲的早期 教育信息。

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StoryCycles Implementation Videos


Tandem StoryCycles

Whether you are new to StoryCycles® or would like to refresh your memory on how to use our support materials, you’ll find quick answers in these short videos featuring Tandem staff. This school-to-home book-sharing program supports families families to share stories every day, strengthening family bonds and developing a lifelong love of books and learning that leads to children’s future success in life and school. Each week, families receive a bag of high-quality, multilingual children’s books. During the course of one year in the StoryCycles program, families will enjoy over 100 different titles!

Contact your Community Literacy Specialist if you have any questions about running your program, engaging children and families in daily book-sharing routines, or scheduling a family workshop or educator training for your site. We look forward to working with you to surround children with opportunities that spark joy and close the opportunity gap!

Why StoryCycles®?

Sharing books together sparks a love of reading and learning that can last a lifetime. Learn more about why sharing books at home is such an important part of preparing young students for future academic success.

Tandem Read Alouds and Workshops

Our support services include interactive Read Aloud demonstrations in the classroom, educator trainings, and family workshops on various early learning topics. Here’s what you can expect when you schedule a Read Aloud or workshop.

Building Excitement for StoryCycles

StoryCycles is all about getting families and children excited about sharing books together! Here are some ways to boost family and student engagement.

Sharing Wordless or Multilingual Books

You’ll receive wordless books and books in other languages in your StoryCycles bags. It’s simple and fun to share these books!  Here’s how to get started…

StoryCycles Materials Overview

In addition to receiving StoryCycles books and bags, you’ll receive other support materials to ensure that your book rotation program runs smoothly. In this video, we’ll take a look at all the materials you can expect to receive.

Rotating the StoryCycles Bags

This video will share information you’ll need to know about running a successful weekly bag rotation program – including tips for tracking and storing your StoryCycles materials.

Using your StoryCycles Pocket Chart

A quick video about setting up your pocket chart to help you track your StoryCycles rotation throughout the school year.


A Year in StoryCycles

Learn what a typical year in the StoryCycles program looks like – from filling out inventory forms to completing year-end annual surveys.


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