Community Capacity Building

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Engaged Communities, Empowered Families, Enthusiastic Children

Involving everyone in the community

If we want to close the opportunity gap, everyone must be involved. That’s why Tandem™ works together with educators, community leaders, family support professionals at non-profit organizations, and community investors through intentional partnerships. Collectively, we can do so much more to ensure families have what they need to help their children succeed.

Through a series of workshops and training opportunities, community members become enthusiastic partners in early learning, and community leaders gain knowledge and tools to support the families and children they serve to reach their full potential. Together, we can surround families and young children with opportunities to experience the joy of early learning. Tandem provides access to information and materials, books, and the support our partners need to make the most of each early learning moment.

What We Do

Professional Development

Our professional development opportunities for educators and family support staff include training, interactive workshops, and access to our knowledge base on how to get parents excited about, and more deeply engaged in, their children’s early development.

There are many ways for parents to engage their children in learning about the world, but families often experience barriers to accessing information and resources about how best to support their child’s love of learning, barriers such as cost, transportation, time, and language. We help families overcome these barriers by partnering with service agencies whose staff already interact with families everyday, and by reaching families through their language, social networks, and respecting their culture and family care choices.

Literacy Champions

Literacy Champions, our parent leadership development program, engages parent leaders in a series of intensive trainings so these parents can, in turn, train other parents in their own communities on how to use everyday moments to build children’s early literacy skills. Not only does this program expand Tandem’s reach, it leverages the power of peer-to-peer interaction and creates a new opportunity for transformation through leadership.

As agents of change in their own communities, Literacy Champions are actively engaged in service delivery and needs assessment and work directly with their community’s most vulnerable families to provide them with the tools to improve their children’s future.

Where We Are

Where the families are!

We work closely with our community partners throughout the Bay Area to make ourselves available in a variety of ways, at schools, family child care centers, community organizations, partner agencies, community events, and more. See our map.

Why it Works

Because many children in families with the greatest need are not enrolled in formal care. We reach more families by working through their local support networks. Because community leaders want to deliver quality programs to the families they serve. Because spreading the knowledge is a good thing.

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