Measuring Our Results

How we know it works.

Ensuring quality programs

Just as our work is informed by the best, most recent information on early brain development and early literacy and language acquisition, we measure the results of our programs to ensure that we are delivering quality programming that benefits our children, families, and communities. Each year, we survey educators and parents. The information below represents information gathered in a 2014 survey of 2,051 parents and 230 educators.


100,000 Bay area children & families served since 2003

45,000 books in circulation each week

15,000 families rotating books each week

3,000 parents trained in strategies for language & literacy development last year

4,400 educators and child care providers trained in early literacy & family engagement skills last year

1,000 great children’s book titles in over 15 languages

856 participating partner classrooms

350 donors

20 staff

1 great opportunity for YOU to make a difference



99% educators report improvement in children’s pre-literacy skills


67% parents say children ask them to share books more frequently


100% educators report seeing an increase in children’s interest in books and reading


  • 97% report they are comfortable using the knowledge and skills they are learning for interactive Read Alouds. 97%
  • 89% say the StoryCycles books and materials are developmentally appropriate for the children they teach. 89%


  • 90% report they spend more time pointing out pictures, letters, and new words while reading with their child. 90%
  • 76% say they learned the value of book-sharing as a way of strengthening their bond with their child from attending a StoryCycles workshop. 76%

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