Evidence-Based Approach

Local families deserve proven practices.

We use what works.

Proven approach

Tandem™ is committed to bringing proven program strategies to the families that stand to benefit the most from our services. Our strategies are based on 25 years of academic research, and another ten years of program evaluation research, that shows the relationship between the richness of a child’s exposure to language and books before starting kindergarten, and academic and life success.

Supporting a child’s first teachers

We focus on our communities’ youngest children, in the neighborhoods where the families who most need our support live. We build our programs to support parents’ and caregivers’ critical role as their children’s first teachers, and employ a strengths-based approach in all our interactions. Our work is always focused on being culturally responsive, developmentally appropriate, and tailored to our families’ busy lives, and their concerns about their children’s development and growth.

Tandem’s impact builds on a long history of research that supports our belief that a child’s love of learning starts before a child enters a classroom. It starts at home; it starts when a child enjoys special moments of bonding over a book with someone who loves and cares about them. We build on this knowledge, providing families with the access they need to share books at home and the information they need to ensure that every book-sharing experience is filled with joy and makes the most of every opportunity to support a child’s early language and literacy development.

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