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Our children deserve to succeed.

Let’s do this together.

Building a brighter future for Bay Area children – together

Our supporters make our work possible! We’re always looking for the next opportunity to partner with like-minded corporations interested in building a culture of giving back and making extraordinary things happen for children and families in our community.

We offer a variety of easy, fun, and meaningful hands-on ways to build brighter futures for Bay Area children that your employees will love – including adapting books for children with special needs and crafting StoryBlocks that help children learn communication skills through creative play. We work with everyone – from small teams to corporate retreats.

“I want to thank Tandem for making our volunteer outing a truly enjoyable learning experience. I think I can say for all of us that we probably had as much fun constructing the character blocks as any child will having playing with them! And it was a learning process for us too; handling the blocks and knowing that they will be instrumental in helping a child learn left a powerful impression.”

Tim Schulte

Scion Staffing

“I’m part of the volunteer group at work, and this was one of the first events I went to. I thought Tandem was really energetic, and it was very clear what we were doing together. I realized that Tandem is full of movers and shakers – the project we worked on was going to go somewhere and it was going there soon!”

Shannon Hahn


“Tandem is one of the most popular volunteering events that we do all year (out of many!). The cause of equality in early childhood development speaks to so many of our employees. Tandem’s volunteer activities have brought this cause to life for participants: adapting books for children with special needs gives us a visceral understanding of the importance of tailored learning experiences; and creating storytelling blocks reminds us that development comes in many forms. People leave volunteer events feeling like they have meaningfully contributed to Tandem’s impact. Indeed, one of our employees volunteered with his 8 year old son, who told his father afterward ‘Dad, that’s really cool that you guys help people so much.’”

Lauren Abendschein

Credit Suisse

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We know that every corporation is unique, and we pride ourselves on being a true partner.

If you are looking to make an even bigger impact through your corporate social responsibility program or foundation, we would love to work with you to identify an opportunity that fits with your CSR goals. Contact Julie Barton to schedule a brief call to explore a potential partnership or arrange for a site visit so you can see our mission in action.

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Let's do this together.

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