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Tandem Executive Director Interviewed for RE-ENVISIONED #edleader Series

by | Apr 12, 2017 | News & Announcements

Molly Wertz, Tandem Executive Director

RE-ENVISIONED is a team of forward thinkers committed to shifting the schooling system so that it inspires human potential – so that education is something that truly meets the needs of every student, inspiring all students to succeed.

As part of the RE-ENVISIONED movement to start and sustain a conversation about education and the future of schooling, the team posts interviews and shares stories from people from all walks of life – including educators, families, and community members. Recently, Tandem Executive Director Molly Wertz was interviewed by RE-ENVISIONED Co-founder Erin Raab as part of the #edleader series.

Click here to read Molly’s full interview on RE-ENVISIONED here.

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