Our Approach

Inclusive, Responsive, and Nimble

It’s all about relationships.

We’re about people

People sharing information, encouragement, relationships, and connection; we know that without these crucial elements, children will not reach their full potential. At Tandem™, everything we do is through intentional partnerships – because brains work better when we’re working together.

We’re high-touch, whole-hearted

We’re working together with community-based organizations, early education providers, and community investors to meet families where they are to deliver evidence-based programs, resources, and training to undeserved communities. Our high touch, whole-hearted approach ensures that we remain open to new possibilities by encouraging discovery and connection.

We’re evidence-based

Research shapes everything we do. Relying on the latest research on early childhood development, family engagement, and adult education best practices, Tandem has positioned itself as a leader in the early learning landscape. We combine research, best practices, and ongoing evaluation to ensure that Tandem’s high-quality, proven programming truly meets the needs of the communities we serve. Read more »

Meeting families where they are

Whether families receive resources and training at our partner organizations or through pop-up community literacy events, we meet families where they are, so that all families are empowered to support their young children’s early learning and future success.

At Tandem, we never do anything alone.

Let's do this together.

Find free tools, resources, and opportunities. Donations and volunteers are always welcome. Together, we can make a difference.